Sunday, November 13, 2016

A Turning Point in My Life

1. living of e actually(prenominal) gentle being is a show from Almight ALLAH. every body step to the fore of us endeavours to spend his vitality- clock time in the best practicable manner to be know as a regard and good human being. Life of every soulfulness is differnet from the opposite indiviuals in many aspects. Every body has a diverse vision of success and has his take ways to achive his goals. We have our admit role models, our own heroes and above all(prenominal) our own mickle which drive us on the path of our smell. At the end, the groom of every body is close to identical, to lead his or her life in the best executable manner and to make out dire and respected indiviuals among the society.\n\n2. Every person has cycleing bills in his / her life which mixed bags the human behavior. I personally, bank that in every manhood life there are turning points that change their outlook, change attitudes, interests, attitudes towards life and other pack , when provide are broken into minute fragments. These turing points are not continuously sudden, they may be in small stages as well in creating tint in our lives. In such situations smart people make conclusions.Such was a point in my life when I as wellk a stopping point which changed all the dimensions of my life. This decision was a very important one, as its impact was difference to be very long lasting, almost undermentioned three decades of my life were going to get imprinted by it.\nThe time when I decided to gather Armed Forces of Pakistan. i.e. Pakistan Air Force, was the decision which changed my life, and undoubtedly it was the turning aftermath in my life. As school-age child many of us dreams of get together this elite organization and become proud of the nation. I too was carrying the same dream. Thus I applied for commission in Pakistan Air Force to replete my lifetime dream and By Grace of Almighty Allah clear(p) all tests and reported at PAF Academy Risalpur. From here onwards, that turn started to curve me and my life, which resulted in totally molding and changing my life.\nWhen I reported a...

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